Why a Bank is the Best Option for Small Business Lending

Regardless of where you are in your journey as a small business owner, you’ve likely needed to seek a source of capital to support and grow your business. As you may have experienced, there are many options when it comes to securing a business loan. We’re breaking down the advantages of getting a business loan from a bank, and the countless ways that Live Oak works to support you throughout the process.



Like other traditional banks, Live Oak has a balance sheet of our own which means we provide our own capital for business loans. There’s no “middleman” involved, so our borrowers can be confident that when we commit to a transaction, the money comes from us. Our small business customers can be assured that as a publicly traded company with a robust balance sheet, Live Oak is a reliable source of capital. Often, business brokers and intermediaries are required to maintain a certain level of returns for the banks they partner with, meaning there is outside pressure to close deals. This is not the case when you get a business loan from a bank. Our lending team has control over pricing and works diligently to craft a customized lending solution, tailored to each customer’s goals. Adding to Live Oak’s credibility, we’re an FDIC-insured bank.



As small business owners, we know that your time is money. That’s why we take pride in our efficient and transparent lending process, working hard to get capital in your hands as quickly as possible. Live Oak has a dedicated, in-house team decked against each stage of the loan process – sales, underwriting, credit, closing and servicing. Throughout each stage, you’ll remain in the know with regular communication and timely updates. Brokers often do not control their credit qualifications and are at the mercy of their bank partners to get deals approved and funded.



Building relationships with our small business customers is one of our top priorities — we like to say that we treat every customer like they’re the only customer in the bank. Live Oak focuses on nurturing those relationships through our Business Analyst Group, our servicing team who supports borrowers throughout their entire loan. As part of our mission to help customers grow and thrive, we match you with a dedicated Business Analyst once your loan has closed. Your Business Analyst will work alongside you to pull quarterly financial reports, while providing industry-focused guidance and benchmarks. If existing borrowers want to pursue new financing opportunities, the quarterly reporting streamlines the qualification process for a new loan. Additionally, Live Oak provides flexibility on loan modifications because we service the loans in-house. Unlike brokers and intermediaries, our sales team is not commission-based. We would never think about our customers as simply a transaction – small business owners are the backbone of the country. Our success is rooted in our customers’ success, and we lend capital based on what’s going to set you up for accomplishing your goals. Nothing more, nothing less.


Live Oak’s Commitment

We know business owners have options when it comes to finding capital. It’s not a one-size-fits-all process, so we encourage anyone seeking a business loan to research the various opportunities. When you choose to bank with Live Oak, we’re deeply committed to your prosperity and the ongoing success of your business venture. To learn more about small business loans from Live Oak Bank, visit this page.