client engagement

Client Engagement: Connect With Clients

The first step to enhancing client service is to become a client-centered hospital and make it a goal of the business to consistently deliver exceptional service while always striving to exceed the needs of clients.  Next you must hire employees with positive attitudes who are motivated to provide outstanding service.  Then focus on the following 3 key areas to ensure success in achieving your goal.

Veterinary Client Engagement: Connect With Clients 

One of the best ways to provide tailored, sophisticated service is to connect emotionally with clients and recognize their unique needs.  Don’t lose sight of the client’s perspective when communicating with clients.  Remember to focus on what clients are feeling and what they need from the healthcare team as well as what their pet needs.

Give clients compliments.  Everyone likes to receive compliments so look for opportunities to say something nice to clients.  Always praise clients about how well they take care of their pet because this will reinforce your position on patient advocacy and show you care about keeping pets healthy and happy.  Don’t forget to compliment pets since owners love to hear team members show interest in their pets.  You may be able to comment on how attractive the pet is, tell the owner you like their collar, or compliment the pet for being so cooperative and friendly.  Don’t limit your compliments to praise or comments about the pet.  If you like something about the client let them know.

Look for opportunities to thank clients.  Send thank-you cards and/or gifts to clients who refer other clients.  Thank clients for waiting and for being patient.  Thank clients when they are flexible with their schedules.  And thank clients for trusting you to care for their beloved pets.