How to Best Retain New Veterinary Clients

Retain New Veterinary Clients

Your marketing strategies are working and new clients are coming in the door.  You need to keep them coming back—right?  First, make sure new clients form a great impression when they step into your reception area.  Is your staff providing the “wow” factor needed to set you apart from the competition?  Make sure your staff meet and greet clients AND their pets warmly and that the waiting area is clean, odor free and inviting.  Next, make sure your technical staff takes a thorough history and shows a sincere concern for the health and well-being of your new patient.  At check out, be sure both you and your staff thank your new client for the visit, encourage a return visit and schedule a recheck exam if needed before the client walks out your door.

Last but not least, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE.  Be sure your new client signs on for the patient portal on your website, knows to check out your website Blog, “Likes” your practice on Facebook and will get your practice e-newsletter.  Most importantly, put in the effort yourself and let your new client know how much you care.  All new clients should get a call back following the visit, preferably from a doctor, to cement the new client’s bond with your practice.  When you provide service during and after the visit that is second to none, new clients will return and tell their friends and family members to visit you, too.