Tips for Effective Scheduling

We face scheduling challenges almost daily.  “Feast or famine” and there are too many or too few team members on duty.  Here are some tips for scheduling effectively.  To maximize appointment availability without selling client service and patient care short, set 10, 20 and 30 minute appointment slots so you’ll have openings for brief rechecks and for patients needing more time.  Consider leaving one 20 minute slot open every 4 hours to allow for emergencies.  To keep your practice staffed appropriately, remember the first rule you should follow is to schedule for the needs of your hospital.  Second, schedule for the anticipated flow of traffic.  Each week, determine how many staff you’ll need in reception, to accompany doctors in rooms and to manage the treatment/surgery areas.  Keep in mind that to keep staffing costs where they should be, generally no more than four team members should be on duty to support your doctor.  Finally, try to hire “multi-taskers” who can cover various areas in the practice and employees willing to accept flexible scheduling.