Tips For Getting Under-Served Patients In The Door

Getting Under-Served Patients In The Door

You may benefit from “mining” your existing patient base and a concerted effort to get under-served pets in for care.  Surely your practice sends preventive care reminders.  Call those clients who do not respond after the second reminder and get appointments scheduled for their pets.  Make sure your front desk team contacts all clients with pets six months, one year and eighteen months overdue for services so these pets get the care they deserve.  Offer a promotion to get these pets in your door.  Most practices need to work on compliance for felines in their data base.  Call or e-mail cat owning clients and offer a 50% off “welcome back” exam to get those felines overdue for care into your exam room.  Last, but not least, have your team take lifestyle histories when patients present.  If the patient lives in a multi-pet household and another four-legged family member in need of care is identified, have your staff members get an appointment scheduled for this pet before the client walks out your door.  You may have only moderate success with each of these strategies, but even a 5-10% compliance rate could really boost your practice revenue.