Veterinary Practice Goal Setting for 2014

Where would you like your practice to be next year?  If you want to see revenue growth, check reports in your practice software for opportunity areas.  Are you and your team committed to offering quality care for every pet that walks through your door?  Speaking of your team—is your group solid or do you need to make some changes—perhaps in leadership? Does your facility need some upgrades to make it fresh and inviting for clients?  If so, set a realistic budget and a time frame to get the job done. Did you market your practice effectively in 2013?  Are you making commitments to get out in your community?  Does your website need upgrades?  What about on-line listings for your practice such as on “Yelp”–are you putting your best foot forward?  Finally, let’s not forget about fees—if you haven’t revisited them in the last six months, it may be time to make some adjustments to keep pace with your rising overhead costs.  Please take the time now to put in place a game plan for increased success in the coming year.