As small business owners, craft distillers like you have dedicated your career to producing some of the finest American-made spirits in the industry. The genuine craftsmanship, innovation and creativity invested into each bottle are what set you apart from others. Craft distillery financing allows you to meet the demand for your craft and take your business to the next level.

Live Oak Bank understands your industry and shares your passion. Our lending team is guided by trade experts and peers who have years of experience in this space. With access to a cash flow business model, industry knowledge and innovative technology, you’ll be able to grow your distillery—and your dreams. Craft distillery financing can be used for expansion, equipment purchases, refinance, working capital, construction and more.

distillery expansion financing

Loan Terms that Set Your Cash Free

Live Oak’s cash flow lending model allows us to deliver longer terms for craft brewery loans. As your trusted financing partner, we can offer flexible down payment options with competitive variable or fixed rates. This results in more money that you can reinvest into your business. Live Oak Portal technology streamlines the loan process from application to funding, with real-time transparency, so you know what’s happening through every step.

Our Craft Distillery Team
understands your business.

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