One of the most common issues you face as a winery or vineyard owner is making sure you have the right equipment to harvest grapes and produce the correct quantities of wine. The winery & vineyard equipment financing experts at Live Oak understand this need and have developed fast and simple loan solutions to get you the equipment you need to scale your production and satisfy your customers.

Whether you’re looking into purchasing new mechanical harvesters or integrating a new bottling line, we can help you get there. We offer loans that won’t disrupt your cash flow and will allow you to concentrate on operating your business. This is what you can expect after connecting with one of our loan specialists:


As a first step, our winery lending experts will take the time to talk with you about the details of your plans. After preliminary discussion, expect an email that will include application forms. Once your application is received, your loan request will typically be pre-approved within one to two business days. During that time, we will run a preliminary cash flow analysis as well as a credit analysis as a part of our due diligence. A Live Oak Bank loan officer will then issue a proposal if you’re pre-approved, and you’ll receive a letter detailing rates, terms and all collateral requirements.


Once the proposal is signed and returned, your underwriter will work alongside a credit officer to obtain final approval for your loan. We know that each piece of equipment is unique and important, which is why we work with you to help qualify vendors before you purchase anything. You can expect the underwriting process to take about one to two weeks and, if approved, we’ll send you a commitment letter outlining the details of the approval.


During this last phase, you will be assigned one of our winery and vineyard loan closing specialists. Closing typically concludes within 30 days. Our dedicated lending team only works on wine loans, so they understand the ins and outs of your industry and will work with you to make sure you ultimately obtain the equipment you need.

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Winery lending expert Jeff Clark partners with Kristian Story at Sierra View General Contractor to explore the top considerations before you start your winery construction project.

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