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Jeff Clark Talks Craft Beverage & Winery Growth On Another Bottle Down

Recently, Live Oak Bank’s Wine and Craft Beverage Domain Expert Jeff Clark ventured down to the Texas Hill Country wine region near Austin to meet with winemakers, vineyard owners, and other craft beverage producers about growth in the local industry.

Having linked up with local Realtor® and Principal Advisor Cara Collier at Harvest Wines, Jeff joined her on a local talk radio show called Another Bottle Down with Mark Rashap at KOOP 91.7 FM. This show is dedicated to conversations about the thriving wine, craft beer, and spirits scene in the Austin area.

“People were shocked that I would come all the way down here from California to meet them and learn about their businesses,” said Jeff. “My reply to them was ‘why wouldn’t I come?’ The wine and craft industry is booming down here, and you guys are creating some of the finest products in the country. There are tremendous opportunities for us to work together to continue fueling that growth.”

Listen as Jeff and Cara talk with Mark on-air about how Live Oak’s unique approach to industry-based lending can be a significant factor for the region’s long-term growth and what the future trends in the region might look like for wine and craft beverage producers.



Wine and craft beverage business owners all across the United States have used Live Oak to gain capital for expansion, equipment purchases, construction, and refinance. In 2015, we lent more SBA funds to wineries, vineyards, and craft breweries than any other bank in the country.*

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*Based on SBA data acquired via FOIA requests.