Claiming Your Brewery Business on Untappd

You invest tremendous time and energy in producing craft beers that display your personal creativity and that appeal to the tastes of your customers. But how do you ever truly know what customers think about your brews? Connecting with your patrons and enthusiasts via the social mobile app Untappd is one great way to consistently measure the success of your brewery’s products.

What Is Untappd?

The Untappd platform allows you to claim your brewery business then create a profile that helps start conversations online about your beers and small business. You can gain incredible insights into the popularity and distribution of your products through this application’s data analysis tools and trend reports. The ability to match the performance data of your craft beers against the current industry is a highly valuable tool.

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How To Claim Your Brewery Business

Claiming your brewery on Untappd is fairly easy. First, you must attempt to search for your brewery on the Untappd website from a desktop, laptop, or tablet device. You cannot search for your business using the app or any device that uses a small screen for navigation. Start searching for your brewery here. If your brewery isn’t found, then contact Untappd here.

Once you’ve found your brewery, then look for a blue button on the page that says “Claim This Brewery.” Click the button to begin the claiming process. If you instead see a blue star next to your brewery, then someone has already claimed it. You should contact Untappd support here to inquire about or dispute this claim. Otherwise, confirm your request on the next screen by selecting “Yes, continue” to proceed.

Next, you will see a form that needs to be filled out with basic contact details about you and your brewery. When signing up, you should use a primary email account that you monitor closely. This will ensure that important notices and customer feedback are received and addressed promptly. After the form is accurately completed, click “Submit Request” to advance.

Upon receiving your brewery claiming request, the Untappd staff will reach out to you directly to confirm your identity and verify that you’re the true business owner. They will assist you with finalizing your account so that you can begin logging in to manage your profile, add beers, view insights, and engage with your customers. If you require further assistance, you may go to Now, you’re ready to get Untappd!


Not so fast! Let’s briefly talk about badges. Untappd badges are a popular way that customers can express their devotion and admiration for your beers and breweries. Each time a customer checks in, their activities are logged by Untappd and users can be awarded various badges as marks of achievement or participation.

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These badges can spark competition amongst friends and drive business for your brewery. Custom badges can be designed on a limited basis for your brewery in collaboration with Untappd. And, of course, all these badges can be shared with friends on Facebook and Twitter.


For further updates and resources about this popular craft beer app, follow Untappd on Twitter at @Untappd.  Still curious about how Untappd works? Watch this short overview video or visit their blog to learn more. Cheers!


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