Customer Spotlight: Charter Oak Winery

For many winery and vineyard owners like Rob, their small businesses are their legacies and lifestyles. Winemaking is their vocational, artistic skillset that they’ve learned from previous generations and intend to pass down to future generations. However, operating a small winery or vineyard requires a tremendous amount of capital in an industry where there aren’t many winery financing options available.

Live Oak Bank’s vineyard and winery financing experts are committed to partnering with winery and vineyard owners like Rob to preserve and grow their businesses. With an SBA winery loan from Live Oak Bank, Rob was able to expand his operations and purchase equipment that doubled Charter Oak’s wine production.

Our ultimate goal is always to be a business partner, not just a bank that lends capital. With our team’s years of experience in the industry, we are exceptionally positioned to help craft beverage producers like you reach your full potential.

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