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Doug Gober began his funeral service career thirty-two years ago as a sales representative in the casket industry. He has earned numerous national awards from various organizations within the death care industry. Doug also served as a consultant on various marketing and merchandising projects conducted on an international scale.

Notes From The Road: Succession Planning

By |July 1st, 2014|

Developing a plan to identify who will take over your funeral home is a topic I address on a daily basis. I receive phone calls from professionals who have dedicated a large portion of their career, been effectively running a business for years, and don’t know how to approach creating an exit strategy. The average funeral home in the U.S. does 80 calls. Therefore, the owner has limited access to information related to transitioning the business to the next generation.  Where do you as an owner start?

There are several barriers to a smooth transition to consider:
Barrier 1 – Lack of Experience.
Most owners have an overall lack of knowledge about the buying and selling of a funeral home. For example: There are many 80 year old owners who should have, perhaps, sold their business 15 years ago, but didn’t for various reasons. Maybe he started the business or inherited the business causing an even stronger sense of commitment to the [...]

Notes From the Road – Funeral Home Furnishings

By |December 6th, 2013|

Hello from the road, Doug Gober here, back with more “Notes from the Road.” On this occasion I’d like to discuss a topic that is often overlooked in our industry; funeral home interiors. Throughout my career, I’ve been involved in the construction of over 100 funeral homes. Through this work, it became apparent to me the importance of understanding the role environment plays in setting the tone for the client experience. It is not uncommon for me to walk into a funeral home and feel as if I’ve gone back in time to the 70’s…. or earlier.

First Impressions, the vista or what people see and feel when they immediately walk in the door of your business should be similar to a customer experience as they walk into a modern hotel.  Notice that in most modern hotels your line of site is not the check-in desk, but the space they want you to initially focus on. This includes the quality [...]

Notes From The Road

By |July 31st, 2013|

Hello from the road, Doug Gober here. I began my career in Funeral Service thirty-four years ago as a sales representative in the casket industry. Throughout my career I’ve been involved with and have seen many industry-changing innovations. I joined the team at Live Oak Bank in 2011, and currently serve as the liaison for Funeral Service.

Live Oak Bank is the number one lender to businesses in Funeral Service. Our client service model and knowledge has led us to that designation. Our business model is much like that of funeral service, in that we believe that a face-to-face encounter with our customers is invaluable. Part of what we do includes onsite meetings with each client we lend to. Part of my responsibility is to travel the country, meet our borrowers in person, form relationships and learn about their business needs. The purpose of this forum, “Notes from the Road”, is to regularly share insights on industry trends I see [...]