What happened in Vegas?

Walking away from WVC this week one of the biggest lessons I learned was not necessarily in a lecture hall or thankfully not on the casino floor.  Taking a look down The Strip, I began wondering how such an odd place like Las Vegas even exists?  The opulence, the absurd prices of everyday products, the casinos, the shows and the list goes on.  But this place exists simply because people will pay for pleasure. Now get your mind out of the gutter and think about it a little differently.  Enjoyable experiences release endorphins, and people crave that endorphin release. So much so that this city draws in millions of visitors each year because it has capitalized on appealing to people’s ideas of pleasure.

So how is this theory of Sin City’s success relevant to a veterinarian? Well here you go – is your clinic delivering a truly enjoyable experience? Not just the fact that you wielded your amazing medical knowledge and whipped out a well thought out diagnostic and therapeutic plan for their beloved pet. Which by a vet’s definition would keep them coming back for more, like teenage girls at a One Direction concert. But unfortunately, that may not be enough these days. Are you creating an enjoyable experience that makes them want to walk through your door and refer their friends to do the same?

Have you ever walked into your clinic and experienced it as a client would to understand if it is a pleasant experience? When you walk in the front door does it smell?  Is it inviting? Is the reception area set up so that it can be easily navigated by a client with a mini-cooper sized Great Dane on a leash?  Now dig deeper in the experience, is your receptionist warm, friendly and inviting? Does each one of your staff members genuinely show they care about the client and their pet? Has your staff been trained on how to deal with the wide range of emotions that this profession reveals both for themselves as well as to help your clients?  Are the directions on your prescriptions clear and easy to understand?

These seem might like odd things to think about but consider each of these as “touch points” to influence how a client feels about your clinic, none of which you as the veterinarian take part in.  So are they having a negative, forgettable, or positive experience?  Every clinic has its own unique personality, so find the things that positively build your brand in your own way, a way that is unique to your clinic. Vegas managed to capitalized on people’s desire to enjoy themselves, are you going to?