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Solve Problems For Clients

By Live Oak Bank|May 27th, 2014|

Despite your team’s best efforts, there will be times when service errors occur or clients become disgruntled about something.  Empower your staff to address and handle problems for clients when they occur.  Clients will [...]

Differentiate Your Veterinary Customer Service

By Travis York|May 12th, 2014|

Service standards can elevate the level of veterinary customer service and differentiate your business.  Create standards that help to create a positive memory for the pet owner.  Start with a few standards at a [...]

FEC Financing: Olympic Teams and You

By Ben Jones|May 8th, 2014|

Greetings Bay Tek readers, Ben Jones here.  Very pleased to be contributing to the industry alongside my friends at Bay Tek.  As some of you know, I am a former FEC owner/operator of 21 [...]

Aqueous Art by Sean Ruttkay

By Live Oak Bank|May 5th, 2014|

Recently, Live Oak Bank partnered with local Wilmington artist and photographer, Sean Ruttkay to outfit the Live Oak Bank headquarters with his Aqueous Art line as well as provide local photography solutions for Live [...]