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cash flow

What is Cash Flow? | Managing Receivables

What is Cash Flow? Part 4 Managing Receivables Once you’ve created a budget, it’s time to look for ways to bring and/or keep money in the business. One very important aspect of cash flow is collecting receivables in a timely … read more

refinance your debt

How to Refinance Your Existing Debt

Refinance Existing Debt You’ve built a business. Sales are up, demand is growing, and things are looking good. But what about the capital you needed to get to this point? If you’re like most small business owners, you relied on … read more

Initial Public Offering

Live Oak Bancshares, Inc. Files Registration Statement for Initial Public Offering

Wilmington, N.C. – June 22, 2015 – Live Oak Bancshares Inc., parent company and registered bank holding company of Live Oak Banking Company, a national online banking platform for small business lending, today announced that it has filed a registration statement … read more

lasertron project

Lasertron FEC center to open in Henrietta

Check out the latest news from our FEC customer, Jim Kessler who is under construction for a Lasertron FEC in Rochester, NY. Construction started three months ago, and more than $4.2 million will be invested in the new business. Lasertron will … read more

how are different

How We are Different from Traditional Lenders

With over 60 years of experience in poultry financing, it’s clear that we are devoted to both the industry and the loan process. Industry knowledge and lending expertise are just two of the benefits of working with Live Oak Bank. … read more

real estate financing

Veterinary Practice Financing: Real Estate

What You Need to Know About Veterinary Practice Financing One opportunity for an owner to best position the business and increase future wealth is to own the building where the practice is located. In recent years, commercial real estate values … read more

Dental Practice Marketing

Dental Practice Marketing Tips

Dental Practice Marketing Tactics to Attract New Patients Word-of-mouth recommendations aren’t the only way to attract new patients to your practice. Even allocating a portion of your budget to marketing could help grow your practice. Most dentists today have a website to … read more

pharmacy podcast

Pharmacy Lending Podcast for Pharmacy Podcast

Join Jimmy Neil as he discusses Pharmacy Lending in the Podcast from Pharmacy Podcast. This is the first in a series offered on the topic of pharmacy lending.

roger stockton

North Bay Business Journal Features Roger Stockton

North Bay bank features Roger Stockton, Small Business Administration loan officer, including his favorite SBA lending stories, and recent bank news. Significant news at your bank: Live Oak Bank announced a new lending division in January 2015 offering financing to the Wine and … read more

community pharmacy

Three Ways Community Pharmacies Support the Community

What makes independent community pharmacies so special? Customers have a myriad of options when purchasing over-the-counter medications or filling prescriptions, and sometimes chain pharmacies seem to be more convenient or just easier than visiting the local community pharmacy. Let’s remember: supporting your … read more