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credit analysis

The 5 C’s of Credit

Credit analysis by a lender is used to determine the risk associated with making a loan. Regardless of the type of financing needed, a bank or lending institution will be interested in both your business and personal financials. Credit analysis … read more

introducing self-storage lending

Introducing Self-Storage Lending

LIVE OAK BANK: NOW OFFERING SELF-STORAGE LENDING Live Oak is pleased to announce the recent addition of its Self-Storage financing division. Terry Campbell joined the team as Domain Expert with over 20 years experience in the industry. He is the former VP … read more

employee theft

Is Employee Theft a Problem in Your Business?

None of us wants to believe employees in whom we have invested our trust are taking advantage or outright embezzling from our businesses, but the truth is many small business owners do fall victim to employee theft.  It has been … read more

Gracie's Friends

Mark Milton Joins Live Oak Bank

Live Oak Bank is proud to announce Mark Milton as the new General Manager of the Funeral Home Lending division. Milton joins the Bank with over 25 years experience in the Financial Services Industry. Most recently, Milton served as Executive … read more

brewery financing

5 Questions for a Lender in the Craft Beverages Industry

If you’ve been thinking of expanding, renovating, refinancing or seeking working capital for your winery, brewery or distillery, now’s a great time to move ahead. Here are some common questions we hear as lenders in this industry. Is there money … read more

Succession Financing

Succession Financing | Webinar

Succession Financing: What’s Required for a Successful Transition With the baby boomer generation approaching retirement, more and more funeral home owners are preparing to transfer their businesses to new leadership. This creates tremendous opportunity for the younger generation to become … read more

owning commercial real estate

Why Lease When You Can Own Commercial Real Estate?

Are you currently debating whether to lease or purchase space for your new practice? If so, the answer is quite simple: Purchasing the real estate will likely prove to be more financially beneficial when it’s time to retire. You might … read more

us beverage expo

US Beverage Industry Expo Appoints Live Oak Bank Executive as Advisory Board Chair

Healdsburg, Ca, Feb. 25, 2015—Wine Industry Network today announced that Jeff Clark, General Manager of Live Oak Bank’s Wine and Craft Beverage Group, a dedicated lending team for breweries, wineries, vineyards, and distilleries, will chair the US Beverage Industry Expo … read more

wine lending

Wine Lending Expands As Sales Rise

The fine-wine bottom line is strengthening as sales accelerate, according to North Coast financial experts. “We’re continuing to see improvement in winery [profit-and-loss statements],” said Bill Rodda of American AgCredit. The lender is underwriting vineyard development projects in Lake and … read more

wastewater treatment

System Options in Wastewater Treatment

Producers in the Craft Beverages industry, particularly breweries and wineries, can generate thousands of gallons of wastewater each day. There are increasingly strict standards for wastewater disposal that are highly regulated and can lead to fines and other penalties should … read more