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jeff clark

Jeff Clark at Craft Beverage Expo 2015

Jeff Clark, General Manager and Domain Expert talks with ‘s Tom Fischer about how Live Oak Bank supports the craft beverage indsutry. Filmed at Craft Beverage Expo 2015.

sba lending

Debunking the Myth: SBA Lending vs. Conventional Lending

The Small Business Association (SBA) offers lending programs that are often misunderstood as a cumbersome, last resort loan funding option. Much of this misperception is centered on experiences with banks who do not specialize in SBA lending, are not a preferred SBA lender, or do … read more

funeral home customer spotlight

Success Story By: Funeral Business Advisor

Jersey Memorial Group A Ministry, Story Tellers – It’s Okay to Live, Love and Laugh By: Funeral Business Advisor David L. Hernandez Jr., owner of Jersey Memorial Group, is truly a self-made small business success story. His foray into the funeral profession … read more

business acquisition

Business Acquisition Financing: What Lenders Want

Financial leverage has consistently been one of the key success factors in expanding the pool of buyers and closing deals in the Craft Beverage industry. Fortunately for potential business owners, the SBA loan guaranty program is an excellent funding source … read more

claim your business

Claim Your Business by Google

Small Businesses that are online grow 40% faster than those that aren’t. Google is launching an initiative called “Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map“, to make it fast, easy, and free for businesses to get online. Google has traveled to all 50 … read more

fec lending

5 Questions for a Lender in the Entertainment Industry

If you’ve been thinking of expanding, renovating, refinancing or seeking working capital for your Family Entertainment Center, now’s a great time to move ahead. Here are some common questions we hear as lenders in this industry. Is there money available? … read more

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Part 3

A successful practice is often the result of quality human capital. Are you taking full advantage of your employees’ skills and experience? You should regularly be engaging with staff to ensure that all members have a stake in the success … read more

Questions From Poultry Borrowers

5 Most Common Questions from Poultry Borrowers

There are many questions that arise when one is considering an Agriculture loan with us. From when to start the building process to how to submit payments, we strive to be as clear and helpful as possible when working with … read more

credit analysis

5 C’s of Credit Analysis

What You Need to Know About Practice Financing Whether you are seeking to refinance existing debt, acquire a veterinary practice, finance a succession, expand or remodel, a bank or lending institution will be interested in both your business and personal … read more

IA financing

5 Things that Make an IA Financing Deal Succeed

As the leading independent lender to financial advisors, we have seen our fair share of IA financing deals. Some go right—and others go very, very wrong. From surprise last-minute changes to bumps within the seller transition, there really is no … read more