Your Poultry Farm Starts at the kitchen table

Our knowledge of the poultry industry is deeply rooted, from the complete understanding of farm ownership to personal relationships with integrators. We’re different than other banks; our priority is you. That is why we visit your farm, sit at your kitchen table and provide customized poultry farm loans that will help you become a more successful grower.

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Loan Solutions

  • Construction

    The thought of building a poultry farm can seem overwhelming. Luckily, we have formed a team dedicated to answering your questions, addressing your concerns and overseeing your project from day one.

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  • Retrofit

    Updating your poultry houses is critical to your business and your birds. Our team can provide funding for improvements such as new feeds, ventilation upgrades and energy efficient lighting solutions.

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I always knew I wanted to own and operate my own farm. What held me back was I had not found a bank like Live Oak. Knowing that they specialize in the poultry industry, made me feel comfortable through the whole process.”

- Purnell Potter

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Webinar Series: Poultry Farm Ownership

Essential tips for building or owning the farm of your dreams.

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Grower's Guide

The Live Oak Bank New Grower’s Guide outlines how to manage your time, develop a budget and accomplish your financial goals as a new business owner.

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Why Live Oak


Not only does our team have decades of experience lending to poultry farmers like you, but we’ve also owned and operated farming businesses. This means we understand the financial needs of your farm as well as the time and commitment that you invest in running your business.

Cash Flow

Our cash flow lending model is designed to give you the opportunity to own and operate a poultry farm without being financially strapped for cash. We customize each loan to support your farm’s needs to ensure you’re in a position to run your business efficiently without having to worry about unforeseen costs.


We know that owning a poultry farm allows you to build the life you've always wanted, and we want to be a part of that journey. Our relationship begins with initial contact and will continue once your loan closes and your business is up and running. Our business analyst team will answer your loan questions and perform a quarterly financial analysis. We will also perform a flock analysis, which allows us to monitor trends overtime, like the feed conversion and livability of birds, all while making recommendations to help you continue to succeed.

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