Know The Key Players In Your Loan Process: Chief Credit Officer

When you apply for financing for a dental practice purchase, startup or construction project, you’re engaging not only your lender, but a whole group of specialists who bring your loan to fruition. Understanding the roles of the players who create and deliver your loan package can help you gather the appropriate information and more easily navigate the financing process.

So who are the players in the loan process?

Chief Credit Officer

The chief credit officer holds a senior management level position, often working in conjunction with the bank’s board of directors and senior officers to ensure the quality of the bank’s lending portfolio. The chief credit officer has the final say on whether or not to lend, providing ultimate approval or disapproval of each loan application that comes through the bank’s door. An experienced CCO can review and approve or reject a loan application in about 48 hours. The chief credit officer may also create policies and guidelines for granting credit to the institution’s customers, as well as strategies for managing the bank’s lending portfolio to ensure it continues to meet the organization’s goals.