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Aqueous Art by Sean Ruttkay

Recently, Live Oak Bank partnered with local Wilmington artist and photographer, Sean Ruttkay to outfit the Live Oak Bank headquarters with his Aqueous Art line as well as provide local photography solutions for Live Oak Bank marketing efforts. Through running his small business and his visual aesthetic, Sean captures our community of Wilmington, NC beautifully. Understanding the importance of local small businesses, Live Oak Bank supports Sean’s vision of Aqueous Art.

Influenced by the guiding principles of Evidence-Based Design (EBD), Aqueous Art captures the soft fascination found in water and when installed transforms physical environments into restorative spaces. Numerous studies have shown that occupants of these spaces gain substantial physiological benefits as well as tangible positive outcomes. Ruttkay says, “The infinite colors, forms, textures and sounds of water have the power to stimulate minds, change moods, and even heal the sick. Reproducing the powerful optic beauty of water is the mission of my work.”

live oak bank office

Aqueous Art is found in various mediums hanging on the walls of Live Oak Bank, where both customers and staff find the environment comfortable and inviting. Studies show that when art depicting elements of nature is installed, levels of customer satisfaction and employee job satisfaction increase substantially (Ulrich et al., 2003).


Directly aligning to our niche industry focus, Aqueous Art can be found in many healthcare environments with the purpose of reducing stress, providing positive distraction and other wellness benefits. Installing Aqueous Art in a healthcare environment is an intrinsic long-term investment that will show on the facilities P&L over time. Studies show that those with a pictorial view of nature suffered fewer complications, use less pain medication and are discharged sooner.  Evidence also shows improvements in patients and staff safety, wellness and satisfaction (Ulrich 1984).

About Sean

sean ruttkay

Some believe that nature heals, that the warmth of a sunrise can soothe the soul, that salt water can wash away worries.  Artist Sean D. Ruttkay is one of those people. Today, Sean Ruttkay brings his life’s work, from vivid pounding surf to tranquil tropical waterfalls, into focus. “I do focus a lot on water,” Ruttkay says.  ”I think it’s one of those elements that every person, regardless of orientation, has a natural affinity with and if I can somehow capture water in its natural state, it will be instantly stimulating to the viewer.”

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