Hurricane Relief Financing

Disaster Relief Loans for Impacted Communities

Live Oak Bank offers disaster relief loans for communities impacted by major storms and natural disasters. We understand the challenges of rebuilding after a major storm. Our headquarters, located in Wilmington, NC, has been directly impacted by several hurricanes over the years. We are sorry that your community is also suffering. To help you overcome these challenges, we are offering an emergency relief financing option for impacted communities.

This program offers a conventional working capital loan for restoring water, wastewater and municipal waste systems or community facilities needing infrastructure improvements due to recent hurricane damage. This funding might include repairing any eroded water lines from flooding, repainting water towers or reservoirs, fixing damaged buildings and other needs. Working capital is a sure way to fund necessary improvements immediately without all of the requirements of a permanent USDA-guaranteed loan.



Q: How much can we borrow?

A: You can borrow up to $2 million in conventional working capital.


Q: How long do we have to pay it off?

A: You will have 2-years of interest-only payments with a balloon payment in the second year.


Q: What if we need more time to pay it off?

A: If your business is unable to pay off the loan within two years, then Live Oak will consider modifying it to a 10-year amortization schedule that reduces the strain on your community and gives you more time to pay it in full.


Q: We’ve already submitted a claim with FEMA/EPA. Does that matter?

A: No, this does not matter. The loan will be secured with an assignment on any FEMA/EPA reimbursement as well as a lien on the net revenues of the business.


Q: What is the interest rate?

A: The interest rates is Prime + 1-2% depending on your credit scores.


Your community is going through a lot. As a decision maker, we know you wear many hats and have lots of things to worry about. Financing shouldn’t be one of them. Let us help you rebuild.


Contact us to determine if you qualify for our hurricane relief financing program and find out more about how we can help your community.