Are you tired of feeling strapped each month? No matter what your business goals are, refinancing of short-term, high interest rate debt and equipment leases is a decision that most entertainment centers find beneficial. We can stretch your five- to seven-year terms to 10 years and help you decrease your monthly payments without you having to worry about the collateral value of your furnishings and equipment. Additionally, we can help you refinance your building and stretch the term out over 25 years without the fear of balloon payments that are often associated with conventional loans.

By paying less interest or refinancing for longer terms on your existing business loans, you’ll have more capital available to prepare your business for future growth. Refinance your existing business, equipment and real estate debt with Live Oak to start achieving better business cash flow today.

Live Oak Bank Refinance Calculator

Use our refinance calculator below to see a quick snapshot of the savings you could achieve through entertainment center refinancing and consolidation of your existing debt. Simply enter your current business loan information and let our calculator do the rest.

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What a Live Oak Loan Could Save You

Proposed Live Oak Bank Refinance
*Your calculation could change based on several unique variables. Please contact one of our entertainment center financing experts for a final quote. Applicable interest rate will vary based upon full credit review and cash flow analysis.
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