Podcast: Financing and Competitive Strategies for Growth

Podcast: Financing and Competitive Strategies for Growth

Live Oak Bank’s Managing Director for government contracting, Erin Andrew, was recently featured on the Federal Game Changers’ podcast. In this hour-long podcast, Erin and Michael Lejeune discuss financing and competitive strategies for growth in the federal government contracting space.


Some of the topics covered in the podcast include:

  • Challenges facing contractors to grow both inorganically and organically, including access to capital
  • What to expect from a relationship with your banker
  • Thinking through an exit strategy for your business
  • SBA financing options
  • Available tools out there to help contractors
  • And more!


The top challenge facing contractors is financing when they win a contract.


Listen as they take a deeper dive into this issue and offer strategies for growth, scaling your business and gaining past performance. Access the podcast here.