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Live Oak Bank Surpasses $500 Million in Independent Financial Advisor Loans


Loans to investment advisors transform an industry that once lacked access to capital

WILMINGTON, North Carolina – October 18, 2017 – Live Oak Bancshares, Inc. (“Live Oak”) (Nasdaq: LOB) today announced that it has reached a new milestone: $500 million in independent financial advisor loans extended to independent investment advisors. With these loans, advisors nationwide have been empowered to initiate, expand and transition their businesses.

Live Oak Bank made its first investment advisor loan in 2013. Since then, increased access to capital has transformed the independent advice industry, enabling a move toward more sustainable firms. “Access to financing is critical for future-ready wealth management firms that are looking to grow strategically,” said David E. Canter, head of the RIA segment for Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions. “Live Oak was a pioneer in identifying the need for a custom-built lending solution for independent advisors and has become part of an ecosystem that is helping to drive the growth of the profession.”

Advisors have taken advantage of the Bank’s lending programs to acquire other firms, purchase books of business, finance succession plans, tuck-in advisors to their platforms, gain access to working capital and buy their corporate real estate. “Advisors no longer have to reach into their own pockets to finance an acquisition, expansion, or to lend to a junior partner who wants to buy into the firm,” said Jason Carroll, Live Oak’s Managing Director of Investment Advisor Financing.

The bank has made significant investments in educating both advisors and home-office executives as to how best to use financing to support transactions. Owing to an aging advisor population, the industry is seeing significant asset movement. Live Oak can help advisors support logical business steps (transition to independence, working capital, expansion & acquisition, succession), and, in many cases, help advisory-firm principals realize the liquidity event that will finance their retirement.

Live Oak offers independent financial advisor loans ranging from $75,000 to $7.5 million for succession, acquisitions, transitions and other business purposes. Advisors who are considering how to build their businesses, and who are thinking about how to capitalize their efforts, can find information and assessment tools in Live Oak’s Knowledge Bank, accessible at no charge at

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