Live Oak Bank employees enjoy a day at Sunset Park Elementary

Live Oak Bank

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 – Wilmington, NC – On Friday, June 1st, Live Oak Bank employees will spend the day with Kindergarten through fifth grade students at Sunset Park Elementary School. The Live Oakers will man nine different activity stations, which will revolve around the summer Olympic Games. The events include hurdles, Olympic torch relay, discus throw, shot put, Olympic rings, long jump and basketball shooting.

“We have been involved with Sunset Park since January,” stated David Lucht, Chief Risk Officer at Live Oak Bank. “We began the relationship by implementing Junior Achievement’s curriculum to teach children about financial responsibility. Our employees visited the school on a monthly basis, teaching the first graders about jobs, shared responsibilities within family units, and the difference in needs and wants. Upon completion of the program, they received complimentary books at their annual book fair. We hope that the children enjoyed the experience as much as our staff. Participating in Field Day was just another way for us to get involved and have fun with the kids.”

“We are grateful that Live Oak Bank has donated their time, energy and money to support our school,” expressed Jakki Jethro, Principal at Sunset Park Elementary School. “We appreciate them taking a genuine interest in our students, and we hope that this relationship continues for years to come.”