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A Primer on Pharmacy Financing: Real Estate Financing

Banks are actively seeking good projects to fund and that includes independent pharmacies.

One opportunity for a pharmacy owner to best position the business and increase their future wealth is to own the building where the pharmacy is located. In recent years, commercial real estate values have reset and many commercial properties have become available and more affordable. Consequently, a number of pharmacy owners have taken advantage of the opportunity to become their own landlord. Purchasing an existing building, building a new facility, or remodeling an existing store are generally easily finance-able and banks often provide 100 percent financing for such a project. It can be helpful to include real estate in a business loan, whether it is an acquisition, expansion, refinance, or a start-up. Including real estate in a loan will allow the bank to lengthen the term. Real estate loans are generally termed over 20-25 years, making payments very affordable.

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