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How to Write a Restoration Business Plan

Crafting an Effective Business Plan for Your Restoration Business Plan

Whether you are just starting up or expanding your restoration business to take advantage of market opportunities, a business plan establishes the viability of your project and forms the foundation for obtaining the funds you need to proceed. If you already have a business plan, you might consider implementing the principles and components described here to make it more conducive towards your goals.

The good news is that creating an effective business plan tailored to your restoration contracting company does not have to be a daunting exercise. While it will take some careful consideration and research on your part to ensure your plan is thorough and accurate, the many business templates and how-to guides now available online can help make the process easier.

Key Components of the Business Plan

Your business plan should include the following six components, each of which needs to be addressed in some detail.

1. Executive Summary
2. Business Description
3. Market Research
4. Marketing Plan
5. Operations

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Restoration Business Plan