At Live Oak Bank, our Funeral Home Lending Team understands the funeral space and what funeral home owners need to succeed. That’s why we offer funeral home loans that help you improve your cash flow and grow your business. With no balloon payments, no covenants and a focus on your long-term success, our financing options allow you to reach your business goals.

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If you are looking to acquire an additional funeral home or purchase the business where you’ve been working as a director, we can help. We understand this is an important event for both you and the current owner, which is why we do our best to structure the deal to benefit both parties. Our goal is to simplify the loan process and help ensure a smooth ownership transition.

Turn Old Debt Into New Cash

What could you achieve with an extra $5,732* of available cash flow each month? By simply refinancing old debt, many funeral home owners have greatly increased their cash flow. With Live Oak’s 25 year loan terms and competitive rates, refinancing may give you the cash you need to update your funeral home, increase marketing efforts or build your business savings.

*average monthly savings based on 17 funeral home borrowers who refinanced in 2014.

New Trends Call for Change

Funeral homes across the country are in need of renovations due to aging real estate, outdated décor and/or a need to adapt to changing funeral service trends. Live Oak offers working capital loans starting at $75,000 for simple projects and equipment purchases; we offer loans up to $5 million for larger funeral home construction projects. Our extended loan terms help keep your monthly payments low and protect your cash flow as you grow your business.

For renovation ideas and financing information, watch our Renovation 101 webinar.

Benefits of Live Oak Bank vs. The Typical Local Bank

Dedicated Funeral Home Lending Team understands the changes in the industry Lenders work across various industries without specializing in those industries
Lends capital based on the funeral home’s cash flow Lends capital based on 80 to 85% of the real estate value, with no consideration for goodwill
Up to 25 year loan terms with no balloon payments or covenants allow for lower monthly payments and improved cash flow Shorter loan terms that include balloons can put stress on the funeral home’s cash flow
All appraisal, environmental and other costs can be included in the loan proceeds Higher out-of-pocket cost for the buyer and seller
Simple loan structure that includes working capital and seller carry options Complex loan structure that can have as many as four loans to satisfy one request
No prepayment penalties after 3 year or for loans with less than 15 year terms Prepayment penalties that may offset lower interest rates

Our Funeral Home Team
understands your business.