Live Oak Bank supports the Atlanta Pet Rescue

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September 20, 2011 – Atlanta, GA – The Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption will be holding their inaugural dog walk fundraiser at Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta on Sunday, September 25th. Paws in the Park is hoping to draw an estimated 4-5,000 walkers and onlookers. The event will be held from noon until 5 PM and will be free to the public. “Paws in the Park will highlight the importance of healthy and active lifestyles for both pets and their owners,” explained Cathy Roth, the Director of Development. “Since this is APRA’s only fundraiser this year, we are very appreciative of all of our sponsors. With their assistance and financial support, we hope to rescue homeless dogs and cats throughout the city and surrounding areas and place them in loving homes. In addition to rescue and adoption efforts, some of the monies raised will go towards the 15,000 square foot expansion of the current shelter. The additional space will include an in-house veterinary clinic, a quarantine area and will allow the shelter to expand its community outreach programs.”

“Since Live Oak has a home in Buckhead, we wanted to extend our support on a local level,” stated Travis York, Sr. Loan Officer with Live Oak Bank. “Our bank was founded as a financial entity that solely lent to veterinarians until our expansion in 2010. Our clients are animal lovers as are our employees. Nothing tugs at one’s heart strings more than an animal in need, so we are glad that our support will help with the rescue and adoption efforts in Atlanta.”