Customer Spotlight: HenHouse Brewing Company

Craft brewers are some of the most creative small business owners that you will encounter. The secret ingredient for turning what starts as a hobby into a thriving business and community establishment is their personal passion for making craft beer.

Successful craft breweries require significant time, vision, and innovation. However, operating a craft brewery also involves a substantial amount of capital in an industry where there aren’t many brewery financing options available. Many banks are reluctant to provide craft brewery loans without tying up the business’s assets and collateral.

The craft brewery lending team at Live Oak Bank primarily focuses on your cash flow and business plan. We seek partnerships with craft breweries because we share their appreciation for quality craft beverages and love seeing their small businesses grow. Live Oak helped the guys at HenHouse Brewing obtain the capital they needed through an SBA loan to expand their facility, build a new taproom, and purchase new equipment.

Live Oak is committed to being your business partner, not just an institution that lends you capital. With our team’s extensive experience in the craft brewery industry and as lenders, we are well-positioned to assist craft beverage producers like you reach your goals and aspirations.

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